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The final step of the New Guest form will take you to my scheduling site, where you can conveniently select a date for an in-person consultation.


In-Person Consultation

You’ll arrive at the salon relaxed and confident, knowing that we’ll be fully prepared for our first meet up! It will be a 30 minute long visit where you’ll have our full focus and attention.


New Installation Booking

If we’re both a good fit, we’ll select a date to install your brand new extensions🥂and we’ll collect a 50% deposit to secure your appointment.

experience illusion
hand tied extensions

Illusion is a patent pending hand tied extension method created by Jes Davis.  With its unique concealed beaded track, you'll have the convenience and comfort of wearing your hair extensions either up or down.
Whether you're looking to add more volume,  length, or both, hair extensions may just be the perfect solution for you.  It all starts with a thorough consultation: How short is your hair? What's your target look? What at-home care maintenance is expected to maintain the extensions? I'll answer any questions you may have; do your research to ensure the best possible results!
  • How long does it last? What does maintenance look like?
    One of the unique features about Illusion is that I can offer you Express Moveups every 4-5 weeks; these appointments take no longer than 30minutes. If you wait longer than 4-5 weeks your move ups may take longer than 30 minutes due to extra shedding and cross hairs to work around. Express move ups are done months 2 and 3; month 4 the extensions are removed and reinstalled, then followed by 2 more express move ups for months 5 and 6.
  • What is Illusion?
    Created by Jes Davis, the Illusion method is a concealed hair extension method that is comfortable, presents no tugging or pulling, runs direction with the growth of your hair and has minimal points of contact to keep the integrity of the client’s hair. But more paramount is that Illusion is based upon a concealed track; the beads and track are undetectable when worn up or down with no beads popping through. This method allows you to wear your hair any way you wish: up, down, a high ponytail, French braids and more.
  • How much do hair extensions cost?
    Determine the cost of your Illusion install is established by factors such as your desired length, volume, color and hair quality. A consultation is required to discuss your personalized needs and it’s an opportunity for you to learn in detail about this method and how it’s different from other methods you may have tried before, ad get your personalized quote.
  • Can I still color my hair when I’m wearing the extensions?
    Absolutely! I do recommend having your first color session done prior to the installation; that way your hair color is fresh all over. Then you can do touch ups on your roots as needed. Highlights can be done on the top of your head and around the hairline as well as the nape area. If you require grey coverage, your touch ups can be performed the same day as your express move up.
  • What’s the difference between hand-tied extensions and other methods?
    The term “Hand-tied” has become a trendy way to refer to the broader term of “sew-in” extensions, but in reality “hand-tied” refers to the type of weft that is sewn onto the beaded track, not the technique. It is different from machine wefts in that they are created by hand and are substantially thinner. This makes them more comfortable and easy to conceal compared to tape ins, micro links and keratin extensions.


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"Toni is amazing! I had quarantine hair. Couldn't go to the salon last year so I took matters into my own hands and bleached them myself. Ended up with incredibly damaged hair afterwards. My hair was tragic. I needed professional help. That's when I found Toni. I was impressed with her work. Her extensions were undetectable. Very seamless. The whole process was pretty easy and straight forward. She's very knowledgeable, courteous, and skillful. She managed to completely transform my hair! It's finally silky smooth again. I got my dream hair. I'd definitely recommend her."
—  Julie H., Color and Hair Extension Client
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