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Providing move up sessions can ensure the best performance of SILXGlobal Luxe Hand-Tied hair, allowing your guests to wear their extensions for up to 6 months.


Speaking from my own experience, it’s more convenient for me to have my extensions maintained in 30 minute move up sessions, instead of having them removed and reinstalled, which can take a couple hours or more.

I knew if it was something that made my life easier as an avid lover of wearing extensions, making this option available to my clients would make their lives easier as well!


My clients are busy individuals, they love the quicker appointments that allow them to get back to their schedules!





Hi! I'm Toni Fountain,

owner of Toni Fountain hair and certified Illusion Method Extension Artist.

I think we can all agree, using SILX Global Extensions combined with the Illusion Application Method provides a luxury experience to our clients that they ADORE.

By seeing my clients every 4-5 weeks, I can keep an eye on their scalp and get ahead of any tension or irritations before a problem arises.  I can further determine if any neglect has occurred, which provides an opportunity to further instruct my clients on proper care.


Plus, the normal shedding and regrowth at one month can be anywhere between ½ -1 inch, which is the perfect time for a mini move up session to avoid too much slack and drag!



Q:  How soon can I get access to the course?

A:  Once your registration is complete (short questionnaire and submit payment), you will be redirected to create an account to purchase the course then a link will be emailed to you to view the course.

Q:  How long will I have access to the course?

A:  Unlimited access!

Q:  What if I forget my login information?

A:  Email me at

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